Southern Comfort Food: Greens, Beans and So Much More.

Our goal is to serve the most nutritional variety of Southern Comfort Food (Soul Food) available.This means we purchase, prepare and serve our food in a manner that will provide a healthy diet to our beloved patrons. Our cabbage, for example is baked instead of boiled, with various spices and flavors added to match the down home taste our visitors long for. We use 100% Angus beef for our burgers, served on a multi-grain bun with an assortment of fresh condiments. Wild fish, fried in our special corn meal batter is served with fresh compliments, prepared daily. Life should be, in large part, about love and happiness. Our environment fosters the very best of both. We search for all fresh, organic, and free-range (wild) produce, meats and ingredients. Our prices reflect the very best considerations to quality and perfection.